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Great gift ideas

When it comes to giving gifts, makes it a lot easier. Some people

are just better at picking the right thing out. And those who are no good at it usually don’t realize their fault. But there are always times when you need to give a gift to someone and you don’t know him or her well enough to choose. If you ever come across this problem, here are some popular gifts that people love. They are popular because they are often appreciated and actually used.

Board Games

Don’t be the kind of person who brings a utilitarian gift like a vase to a party. Stand out with something fun. People often buy what they need and less often buy what they want but know they cannot justify. Give the gift of fun in the form of a board game. Everyone can join in on the fun and even participate in the present right then and there. What better way is there to kick off a party than with an activity everyone loves? And there are games everyone loves like Scrabble and Life and then there are more tailored games to suit each individual person.

Gaming PCs

If your friend is not so much into board games, he or she may be into computer games from This site offers a variety of options to choose from. Anything from war games to more kid friendly games can be found online. Shop to your heart’s content for your friend to find just the right game to suit his or her needs. The most popular games are great picks if you are unsure about tastes. It may sound obvious, but this bit of advice is very helpful for some.

Books Or Movies

Give the give of escape with a book or a movie. Watching films and reading books is a way to step into a cinematic or literary world and just relax. It is really the gift of relaxation. Give your loved one some time to himself with his or her favorite genre or what is new on the New York Times best seller list. These books are popular for a reason, once again.

Movie Tickets

Something that allows the receiver the opportunity to choose is a gift card. Let that person explore and enjoy at his or her own command with a card that keeps giving. Make it a favorite restaurant or admission to a movie. Make sure that you include enough funds to allow for two on the ticket. It’s not very fun to use a restaurant gift card all alone. You can even throw it in a cute themed basket. For the movies, include popcorn or perhaps a DVD. This is sure to be a hit.
With you can find the best gifts conveniently at your fingertips.

Big Data & Actionable Analytics

actionable analytics web big datawindows 7 professional

data.” Usually as data starts to cross around 500 TB, it’s considered big data.

Data can be generated by user interactions, for instance, cell phone usage of customers. Data can also be generated by machine and human combined influences. For instance, Facebook generates 25 TB of data and twitter generates 12 TB of tweet data every day.

It is a challenging task to take all these data and make sense out of it all. Therefore, the goal is to essentially convert several of these semi-structured data into presentable format so that intelligent decisions can be made. For instance, by taking mouse movements of a lot of users, heat maps can be created to present information that can be used to make decisions. This is used to overcome one of the biggest challenges of big data: storage & strain on network infrastructure. Information is being analyzed through several of these tools without the need to store TBs of data by mining all the information in the correct format. Read the rest

How Much House Can I Afford

Making the decision to buy a house is one of the most exciting and nerve wracking times of life. Whether you are purchasing your first home or looking to move either to upgrade or downsize, there are important steps to take when beginning the search.

First, before even looking at homes it’s important to determine just how much house you can afford. Using a mortgage calculator you can easily input values such as your current monthly income and debt to determine just how much you have left over that can go towards a monthly mortgage payment. Mortgage calculators can be found in a variety of places on the web. Each of them will help you explore a variety of scenarios including interest rates, down payments, resulting monthly payments as well as ratios.

Ratios are important to understand when buying a home. Any mortgage lender you work with will use both a front end and a back end debt ratio to determine just how much home you can qualify for. A front end debt ratio is just how much debt you are in right now. This is calculated using your current income and your current debt. A back end ratio is calculated using both your current debt as well as the proposed debt with the new mortgage payment. Read the rest Interesting approach to social media logo Logo

We were asked to take a look at as part of an assignment. I have come across them before but never really bothered to explore it. This time going through it, I found this rather interesting. I found this can be a little addicting to be honest. Basically, you just recommend various contents to other Hunch users. Based on what you recommend and rate it tries to offer you contents that you would like. You are also asked to complete a questionnaire that contain a series of personality questions, which helps refine its selections

On their about us page, mentions that they plan to build a “Taste Graph” of the entire web, connecting every person on the web. I found this a very cool approach. Maybe because of lack of overall data, there definitely is room for improvement when it comes to identifying contents that I would like. I find it’s correct only 50% of the time. I went ahead and answered more than 200 questions and recommended bunch of contents to see if the results improved but I didn’t see any noticeable improvement. Hunch needs more users interacting to improve overall system.

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I find the mobile interface much better compared to the Web. It’s easier to recommend, save and like using the app Hunch Mobile on my iPad.

Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything

This is a must watched video for anyone interested in

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computation. I liked the way Mr. Wolfram connected simplicity of computation to the way overall universe might work. The concept is interesting. A series of simple rules can easily contribute to create something so intricate and complex.

First YouTube video

Youtube allowed videos to


be uploaded on April 23rd, 2005. This was the first ever uploaded video on YouTube. The person uploaded was Jawe

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d, one of the cofounders. The video itself is not anything exciting but being the first video of YouTube it received almost 9 million views so far.

Using Dell Voice with Koodo Mobile Prepaid

Dell Voice, as claimed by many could be the Google voice for Canadians. My personal experience with Dell Voice has been okay. I found, as many others, you can hear clearly but the person you are talking to sometimes have a hard time hearing. So, you have to raise your voice a little bit in order to carry on a conversation. This is a sharp contrast to my experience with Skype, where I found quality didn’t differ much when compared to traditional carriers.

Dell Voice for Canadians provide a VOIP connection, which allows unlimited talk to most Canadian cities. Also, Canadians get a free local number, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding etc. Unlimited texting throughout Canada cost $1.99/month and US & Canada cost $2.99/month. There are a few other addons that users can utilize. Dell Voice works over Wifi and also carrier connections. This works great when combined with another provider.

The reason why it is smart to combine this with new Koodo Mobile prepaid is mainly because of Koodo’s boosters, which are essentially addons, that don’t expire. Therefore, if you purchase 1 GB of data, it wouldn’t expire till you completely finish using entire 1 GB. So, this is how it works. In order for this to work you need a smartphone that’s powered by Android, iOS (iphone/ipad/itouch) or Blackberry.

Step 1: Get the $15/month base plan. This would give you unlimited text and picture along with caller ID and voicemail
Step 2: Purchase 1 GB data booster for $35
Step 3: Sign up for Dell Voice.

With 1 GB data, you can talk 2000 minutes. When at home, you can just use your wifi. Because Koodo plan comes with unlimited text you can either use your Koodo number to text or you can purchase the Dell’s $1.99/month text messaging plan. I suggest just to continue using Koodo to text because it’s more convenient and you would put less stress on your data. You can just utilize your data to make calls when you are not home. Depending on how much you talk out of your home, you can get a good phone service with all bells and whistles for around $15 – $20 per month.

Good luck!

The Challenges of Starting a Business

With the economy in its current less-than-desirable situation, there is a certain appeal to the idea of turning your back on the hunt for the ideal job and becoming self-employed as the creator of a new enterprise. As the owner of a new business, you wouldn’t have

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to worry about creating the best resume or having a first-class interview to distinguish yourself from the pack of dozens (or hundreds) of other potential hires – you hire yourself!

However desirable the independence of self-employment may be, the path to starting a successful business is difficult enough that only those with the right combination of entrepreneurial spirit, financial resources, managerial skill, and luck will be able to create a competitive business from scratch. Although there are many difficulties in starting up a new business, the creation of new markets expands the economy and provides opportunities for all who are connected by the intricate system of economic interdependencies.

A successful business begins with a winning idea. The economy contains potential markets that are either completely untapped or haven’t been exploited to the extent that they could be. Someone who is able to either detect the presence of a new market or figure out a way to improve on an existing service or product has an opportunity to grab a share of the market.

In addition to an innovative idea and a solid business plan, it is crucial that those who wish to start a new business have access to sufficient capital to realize the fruition of their plans. Financial assets are the lifeblood of any business enterprise, and if a business is to grow to its full form, it is essential that its veins be flowing with resources sufficient to sustain growth. This is perhaps the most intimidating part of starting a business, because getting a hold of startup cash often involves taking out a substantial loan with no guarantee that you will have profits from the business sizeable enough to pay off the debt in the near future (unless you have a wealthy uncle who is willing to either fork over the startup cash or bail you out if you’re in danger of defaulting on your loan).

In addition to financial assets, it is important that you have material assets such as equipment suited to whatever product or service you produce or tools that assist in managerial operations. In the information age, it is important that you invest in computing equipment from a reliable brand, such as Dell, so that you are able to analyze market trends and stay ahead of your competition. Dell laptops provide a reliable mobile platform for the kind of on-the-go analysis that will be crucial as you run your business. A new business is demanding, and it will be important that you have the ability to make informed decisions in any place and at any time. For this reason, it is important that, once you have secured a winning ideas and sufficient startup capital, you have the tools to manage the resources that you have acquired in order to get your business off the ground.

How Online Comparison Has Helped Consumers

Consumers have traditionally shopped at local retailers on good faith that businesses offer the fairest prices available. Some people may browse through the local sales paper and drive around to a couple of area supermarkets and department stores to find the best deals. Today, shopping has gone from local to virtual, for the benefit of consumers who want to save time and money by shopping from the comfort of home using just a computer. Additionally, comparison shopping websites have popped up all over the Internet, further easing the ability for consumers to check prices for goods and services, both locally and at e-commerce merchants. Read the rest

Social media created short tempered obsessed kids?

A new study has found that Facebook, Twitter and all other social media has caused new generation to be highly obsessed with themselves and created a generation of short tempered people. This study was done by Baroness Greenfield, professor of pharmacology at

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Oxford University.

Personally I am always very skeptical regarding any scientific studies. Currently, there are so much data & journals exist that one can easily prove anything that goes in any direction. I think the author is looking at this from a different perspective. Social media I believe might have caused more internet usage by young people and therefore contributed less time spent with their familes. Previously, after school, kids will have no choice but to stay at home and communicate with their parents. Now, they are still hooked with their friends easily after getting home, thanks to facebook & twitter.

Therefore, it caused some distance within the family relationship, which is not a good thing but it didn’t make them egotistically obsessive bunch of rotten kids. There are always good things and bad things about everything. Social media influenced kids positively as well. It made information sharing much easier among peers.

Maybe parents should think of creating their facebook and twitter accounts more. Here is the link to an article talking about the study.

ScribeFire Plugin

Scribefire is an amazing plugging for blogging directly from Firefox. I definitely recommending you trying this out if you are into any kind of blogging. You will never have to login to your blog to post. As we are getting busy with juggling various priorities, tools like this one will help us to get back to blogs.

The only problem

experian credit score

I have noticed though that sometimes it tends to freeze my computer.

Growth in Analytics

An article on Wall Street Journal claiming that big players of the internet are anticipating a big increase when it comes to analytics.

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–Companies like International Business Machines Corp.

(IBM) and EMC Corp. (EMC) are targeting analytics as a key growth area, but they’re also running up against a problem: There aren’t enough people capable of interpreting the data in the quick, predictive manner now required in the field.

This is not surprising. Increasingly industries are getting aware of the importance of understanding user behaviour to offer better service to the customer. Without a strong analytics system it becomes hard to implement and track marketing initiatives. This branch of the industry I believe would continue to grow.

Quotes of Yogananda on Twitter!


Twitter Search

A few days back, I decided to use twitter for the first time in months. I have been on and off with twitter. I have a good number of followers and I should really maintain it properly. Anyways, so, to check what people are saying about Worldcup I decided to start tweeting again.

Then I decided to do a search on what’s being said about Yogananda. I came across one of the most amazing feeds and power of community. This feed if you have checked already you would see contains people posting various

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quotes of Yogananda. All these quotes of him I find are very relevant to me personally. Therefore, even if you are not into twitter even then you should bookmark this link and take a look once in a while when you need some guidance.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas is a fun time for the people that celebrate. Even out of religious significance, it brings all family members together. Half of the fun of Christmas actually the days leading up to the special day. This includes shopping

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and decorating house and surrounding.

This is time of the year where everyone goes out to look for Christmas trees. While it’s very fun to decorate the house, it’s also kind of a hassle to find the right tree to match the home atmosphere. The trees itself sometimes can be a little hassle when trying to get rid off at the end of the Christmas.

On top of that, there has been lots of discussions and also regulations regarding keeping Christmas environmentally “clean.”

One of the ways of achieving that purpose would be using recyclable Christmas trees. I have come across a site for Artificial Christmas Tree. I have seen some people using these trees before and reusing them every year. However, usually they do not look that authentic. Nevertheless, looking through the website I was surprised to see how much effort they have put in to make the artificial Christmas trees look real. If you are a fan of authenticity like me then definitely you should take a look at this site. A lot of the trees also come pre-decorated or you can purchase accessories as you need. This is very easy to setup and at the end of Christmas you don’t have to worry about disposing it.

Currently they have a sale going on until December 18. Take advantage of this. You can order from online as they provide highly secured transaction system. They also provide free shipping. However, do make sure if this is valid for the area you want it to be shipped.

I hope you take a look at this site and have a very wonderful Christmas.

This is a sponsored post.

The 12 Days Of Global Warming


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video pretty much explains my views on global warming.

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Free Computer Magazines for Canadians

Computer World

Computer World Magazine

Blogging after a long time to inform you guys about a nice promo. ITW0rld Canada is currently giving away free subscriptions to Computer W0rld, Network W0rld, CDN and CIO Magazine. They also have one french magazine. There is no catch really. They just want to increase some Canadian readership. If you sign up now then you are up for free subscription forever.

I think in terms of my visitors, computer world would be the most attractive of all. The reason is because this magazine talks about overall industry news. I have gone through these magazines and I find them to be an excellent read.

Sometimes internet has too much information and you are not sure where to begin if you are looking for some ideas on current industry. These magazines are great read for that purpose. Anyways, check them out. They are currently free only for Canadians. This promo will last until the end up April.

Click on the following links to sign up

Computer World
Network World
Direction Informatique (French Language)
CIO Magazine

MAC Falling Behind of PC

It seems like all powerful Apple is falling behind in terms of their sale growth during December. For retail, especially for electronics, this is the most critical time of the year. However, PCs seem to be a way ahead of MACs. The reason is very simple.

During the time of economic crisis, people don’t really go for those nice looking MACs. People look for cheap alternatives and something that work. PCs seem to be the best option for everyone. Apple really needs to learn pursue cheaper MACs for the people. 

In the notebook sector, however, MACs are doing better than PCs in terms of growth. I think it has to do with university kids jumping into apple market as everyone else doing it. Giving up to the fads is a very dumb thing to do, especially for us, the university students.

Anyways, I have nothing against MAC. I find them pretty cool but as a student my priority is getting things done as fast as possible with as little hassle

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as possible. PCs work the best for me on that sector.

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India Sends Mission to Moon [Video Added]

Update: Check the new Video

India has been a little late on this however India is sending unmanned mission to moon for the first time.

I think it is a significant step from India’s part. This mission costs only around 70 million. That is MUCH cheaper than other missions carried out by the western world. India also wants to send men to moon by 2020.

A lot of people seem to be complaining because India and China are pursuing space while those two countries have problems with poverty.

Well, that’s a baseless complain from the people, who don’t know a lot on the Indian goal behind space program.

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India earns lots of money from Antrix corporation, which is the commercial wing of the Indian Space Research Organization. This is a very smart business plan. Money from Antrix Corporation funds Indian space research. Therefore, the government doesn’t need to cut funds off from poverty to fund space research.

This mission to moon will bring in lots more money since the world would be interested to know how did India was able to pull it off with only around 70 million dollars. Not to mention this probe is also carrying lots of research materials for NASA.

Therefore, before jumping on the complain boat, let’s please do some research.

Indian Space Station Chandrayan

Indian Space Station

A few things about Chrome

Currently in my computer I have these browsers


I would say in terms of the “startup” speed, Chrome is the best. After that K-Meleon/Opera, then IE, Firefox and then Safari

Chrome is a cool looking browser with a high speed. I really like the incognito feature. However, I think in terms of stability Chrome definitely sucks.

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It freezes a lot. I found firefox, K-Meleon and Opera to be really stable. Safari, IE and Chrome crashes and freezes a lot for me.

I am coming across a bunch of articles analyzing Chrome as Google was able to create a huge buzz around Chrome. Here’s an article that tries to remind IT on certain things regarding Chrome.