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We spend so much time online now-a-days. We have forums, chatrooms, blogs and so many other things to chat around. Many of them keep a permanent record of our past. Maybe we have done something very stupid when we were young but now we regret about doing that. Unlike in the real life, only regretting will not remove the “karma” as it is permanent. No one owns internet and so internet is the biggest place for freedom of speech. You can practically get away with shitting around about anyone. It won’t be considered a criminal offense unless off course you threat someone of murder. However, if you do not live in the same country as the victim, the law cannot do anything. Anyways, therefore many of us have so many negative things posted against us, which might have a strong effect on our present and future. It is important to have a positive record online because your friends or your employer might come across something strange you have done when you were very young online and judge you based on that. You should not take any chances.


It is not easy to go and clean everything up. That is because many of the places that carry negative information about you are not owned by you. However, what you can do is you can start a blog or website about yourself and make it popular. Among all those negativities you can portray yourself as a person, who is full of positive energy and outlook. You can actually “neutralize” the impact of all those negativity by doing this. As your blog or website starts getting popular, this website will start appearing as the documentation of your character and life. It will become a way to defend yourself. I find it very useful.

Now-a-days, blog is becoming very widely used. You can get free blogs from blogger.com, wordpress.com and so many other places. Also, make sure you get a domain name at least. Don’t be cheap because domain names cost around $10/year. You can host your domain at blogger.com for free. Domain names are important because domain names increase the value of your site automatically. It’s just in our outlook. Maybe a non-domain blog contain much more valuable and interesting information than a blog with domain name.

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However, we seem to value the domain for some reason. If you want, you can also use websites such as www.reputationdefender.com to search for any negative stuff online. However, you do not really need to use this because you more or less know about the pages that are saying negative stuff about you. Still, if you want you can try this out.

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  1. I agree. If you run for office or if you own a company in the near future, the your competitors or your enemies can use your past online recorded mistakes against you.

    Blogging with Desi Baba | Jun 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. thanks for your comments.

    Kotha Rahman | Jun 15, 2007 | Reply

  3. Heh heh…nice way to put it there. Devil’s hands are indeed ideal playthings :) Before I introduced the idea of “Blogging” to my friends, most of them used the WWW as a way to escape from their earthly pessimism through (and I quote) “Virtual Act of Sin” (i.e: using coarse language like there is no tomorrow and what not). Now, they relieve their burden mostly through written excerpt of their lives.

    Anyway, nice blog..clean and clearcut. I wish I had the initiative to own a self-hosted wordpress blog :( I’d have hacked that baby up till the end of next year with luscious php based plugins and CSS rich themes. All I have to deal with is my little home at blogger. The lack of customization options is frustrating there.

    Naser | Sep 27, 2007 | Reply

  4. go for a self-hosted blog! it’s much easier! I have used blogspot before and i wasn’t satisfied. I cannot do anything there. Recently I think they have allowed domain hosting again. That’s good but still you want to have to full control over your blog, rite?

    Arnab | Sep 28, 2007 | Reply

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