Reforming Religions: Religious Rights vs Human Rights!

I am writing this as a reaction to a recent battle between religious rights and human rights in British Columbia. Here is the story. Summarizing the story it stands like this. Sextuplets were born prematurely to a Jehovah’s Witness family. These 6 children required immediate blood transfusion. However, according to their beliefs, blood transfusion is not allowed. This is one of the very main core of this religion that separates from other religions. The children were taken to the hospital but they were not allowed to have blood transfusion because it is against

their religion. As a result, 2 of the children died. The 3 children, who required blood transfusion were finally provided so after the BC government won the case. Most probably the rest of the children would be fine.

Anyways, now here is a battle between religious rights and human rights to live. I do not understand that why would parents even allow their children to die for some religious restriction. Some of these religious people claim to be pro-life and others but I find religions now-a-days are becoming a way too much anti-life. Every single problem around the world seems to have some kind of contribution of religion. Religion is for humans. It is there so that we can live a healthy life in this world and after we die. However, religions are becoming a source of death rather than life. When it comes to human rights, my personal opinion would be to forget about everything else. These kids need blood transfusion and so provide them. If their religions say it then just too bad. The duty of a medical doctor is to save them no matter what.

You know, you can justify anything when it comes to religion. Some Jehovah’s Witness extremist might say that all these 5 children were supposed to die as wanted by the God. However, by providing blood transfusion the medical workers and government intervened on God’s plans. Well, I think we need to use brains here. Religions were created hundreds of years ago reflecting the understanding of the people from those era. Religions are not born in one day. No one wakes up and say, “I will start a religion today.” It stands up gradually. Therefore, as the time changes, it is important for the religions to reform. All the major religious leaders we see today, all of them were hated because of their reformist views. These leaders were too modern for those ancient people. We need to follow the ideals of the leaders if we are truly religious. Today, if Jesus were to ask if he supported the rejection of medical treatment for some religious rule, I am pretty sure he would be supported life rather than death here. They are great examples of reforms and religions throughout the world require some MAJOR reform!

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  1. Most religious people think the kids should get the transfusions. I don’t know too many who agree with the JW’s on this, especially when this concerns a child. I understand that there are blood substitutes that can be used that are acceptable to JW’s.

    SUZANNE | Sep 5, 2007 | Reply

  2. Yes, you are right. However, I think the problem comes down to our internal understanding. We need to use our everyday knowledge to face these types of situations. If something widely recognized ethical matter is going to save the life of people I think that should be encouraged.

    Arnab | Sep 5, 2007 | Reply

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